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Trailer Manager

The Trailer Manager is responsible for driving the equipment trailer to-and-from work sites, and delegating to scheduled team members the unpacking, setup, execution of service, cleaning, and repacking of equipment throughout the shift. The Trailer Manager will act as a hands-on coach to grill and fry line cooks, teaching them how to complete all tasks accurately and efficiently, managing their actions in the field, and providing guidance when an owner-operator is not present. Basic tasks that must be executed include:

  • Hook up and load trailer for the day’s service

  • Hook up trailer according standard safety guidance

  • Plug in electrical appliances and fill with necessary perishable food items for the day’s service, and load frozen items into the cooler

  • Pack trailer according to the daily dry goods check-off list

  • Safely drive to the day’s work site with abundant time for set-up

  • Unpack and set up each station of the mobile kitchen to company specification

  • Direct and delegate setup directions to team members so that equipment is safely removed and plugged in for service

  • Ensure hot elements are turned on and POS is functional at least 30 minutes before service

  • Manage staff and workflow throughout service

  • Execute tickets in sequential order as they are arrived

  • Act as point person when issues arise with customers or vendor partner staff members

  • Troubleshoot tech issues if they arise

  • Clean appliances and repack the trailer

  • Count down the cash drawer and reset for the next day’s service. Set aside the deposit and seal the envelope

  • Pack up tech devices and delegate to staff / assist in clean up and breaking down of stations. Review with each staff member before repacking the trailer

  • Strap in equipment according to company guidelines and secure the trailer for transport

  • Return trailer to allocated parking space

  • Safely return to the kitchen after service and unhitch the trailer in its designated parking space

  • Return all perishable food items to the refrigerator, freezer, and dry storage

  • Communicate any service and equipment anomalies with management

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