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Copper Kings Burgers is named in homage to the 19th century copper rush pioneers, Irishman Marcus Daly and American William A. Clark, who let ambition take the lead as they developed modern day Butte, Montana into the copper capital of the nation. Although Daly and Clark were in reality fierce competitors in their race to fame and fortune, Copper Kings Burgers honors the creative and entrepreneurial spirits of both the Irishman and American as replicated by co-owners Dermot (from Belfast, Ireland) and Jon (from Lawrence, Kansas).

Dermot and Jon met and worked the San Diego bar scene in the early ‘aughts. A few years later, these life-long restaurant guys were out of work due to the Covid-19 pandemic, said “Screw it!”, and together decided to take a huge leap of faith. Dermot and Jon dove headfirst into their shared passion for a solid pub and great smashburgers. 

Their vision was to prove to the world that you don’t need to accept an inferior burger just because corporate America says it’s easier to source and serve. After designing the perfect smashburger, Dermot and Jon decided that if they could own the sourcing and production of as many ingredients as possible, they absolutely would. Thus Copper Kings Burgers was born, offering the best burgers and sandwiches made with the highest quality house-ground beef blends, fresh and seasonal produce, meltiest cheese, unique homemade sauces and dips, and a signature Japanese-style milk bun. 

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Copper Kings Burgers started with humble beginnings in October 2020, with Dermot and Jon spending early mornings preparing ingredients out of their shared Oceanside commissary kitchen, and long nights serving burgers to the public together at breweries and wineries across North County San Diego. Today, Copper Kings proudly call San Marcos “home” and employs an amazing team of some of the hardest working culinary talent that San Diego County has to offer, and operate two mobile kitchen trailers that traverse across Southern California (and even out to Las Vegas, Nevada for the Mint 400!) to serve at breweries, wineries, and catered personal and public events. 

These burgers have changed a lot of lives - they just might change your life, too.

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