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Assistant Baker

The Assistant Baker is responsible for reliably producing consistent burger buns, sandwich breads, desserts, and pastries for Copper Kings Burgers. The Assistant Baker will report to the Head baker and complete all baking-related tasks accurately and efficiently, to company specification. Basic tasks that must be executed include:

  • Bake and store standard burger buns

  • Pre-baking prep - Crack eggs, take out butter to temper, and make the tangzhong, chilling at least overnight

  • Bring together the bread dough according to Copper Kings specifications

  • Alert the team, if multiple people are rolling, when it is time to start rolling

  • Assist with rolling when needed

  • Adjust rolling technique of assistants, if needed

  • Set up proofing system, if needed

  • Bake to specification, managing ovens and tray rotation

  • Bake of breakfast breads, pastries, and specialty breads

  • Rye loaves and white bread loaves for regular consumption

  • English muffins and biscuits for Recovery Sunday

  • Scones, tea bread, cinnamon buns, and granola for Recovery Sunday

  • Cleaning and maintenance

  • Thoroughly clean and manage all appliances, spaces, and special tools needed for bread making

  • Trouble-shoot appliance malfunctions

  • Properly store bread products / Inventory management

  • FIFO previously unused product

  • Consolidate cooled buns

  • Bag buns for retail sale

  • Communicate with Head Baker if inventory is off / if low on necessary ingredients or tools to complete production

  • Desserts

  • Mix and bake necessary desserts for catering orders

  • Make desserts for regular restaurant retail sales

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