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The Dishwasher is responsible for safely, quickly, and efficiently washing, drying, and organizing all used dishes at Copper Kings Burgers and assisting with other tasks as requested by the Kitchen Operations Manager. The Dishwasher will largely work independently and must organize their time accordingly to keep up with the pace of restaurant service and kitchen prep while adhering to standard ServeSafe food handling guidelines. Basic tasks that must be executed include:

  • Opening Tidying

  • Sweep and mop the dining room

  • Sweep and mop the bathrooms

  • Clean and restock bathrooms

  • Line trash bins

  • Washing Dishes

  • Unload trailer dish from any returned trailers and bring to the dish pit to clean and dry

  • Wash, dry, and return all other dishes for general restaurant usage

  • Organizing First-Use Dishes for Catering / Restaurant Usage

  • Follow Trailer-Load worksheet for return to catering trailers

  • Cover any newly-filled clean dish bins with plastic bags and wrap cutting boards with plastic wrap to avoid contamination

  • Food Prep

  • When time allows, complete basic food prep tasks as assigned by the Kitchen Operations Manager. Examples include peeling potatoes, cleaning onions, etc.

  • Closing Cleanup

  • Empty and clean floor sink drain

  • Clean sinks with sanitizer

  • Wipe standing water off of dish drying tables

  • Mop the dish pit

  • Take trash from kitchen to dumpsters and reline all trash cans

  • Break down cardboard boxes and take to recycling

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